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The ideal combination of the Thermal Break technology, for thermal insulation under intense climatic conditions, with all the advantages of the EUROPA S.5000. Perfectly combined with EUROPA 5500 Hybrid series in the same space, it offers high aesthetics, ergonomics, unique functionality and flexibility in every construction.

Technical data summary:
• Thermal break folding system
• Certified for air permeability, water tightness and wind resistance
• Thermal insulation due to 19mm polyamides used between sashes and frames
• Certified for thermal insulation Uf=4.2 (W/m2k) (from Ift Rosenheim)
• Double or triple glass between 14 and 49 mm thick
• Usage: Folding doors and windows




1. Driving mechanism for sash with 4 rollers.
2. Strength of weight load up to 200kg.
3. Ideally combined with the system EUROPPA 5500.
4. Rubber stripes for sealing.
5. Option for straight line design glass sash or curved.

• Construction of windows and doors for stores and homes.
• Bottom Frame profile built into the floor or on the floor.
• Door sash with vertical and horizontal transom mullions.

QUALICOAT: Certification process of the electrostatic paint.


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