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EUROPA EOS 68 Hybrid

EUROPA EOS 68 Hybrid
EUROPA EOS 68 Hybrid
EUROPA EOS 68 Hybrid
EUROPA EOS 68 Hybrid
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EUROPA EOS 68 Hybrid
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EOS 68 Hybrid is the latest thermal break opening system of EUROPA. The system combines robust design with advanced insulation coefficients and ease of construction and installation.

The system combines modern aesthetics with straight line profiles with the classic approach of the alternative angled edge profile range. Optional profiles for hidden sash offer extra minimal aesthetic in window construction, while the option of multi-locking mechanism provides improved security.

EOS 68 Hybrid can be perfectly combined with the sliding system ESS 34 Hybrid and ESS 47 Hybrid for composite constructions.




1. Straight line and chamfered design profiles.

2. Use of 32mm polyamides.

3. Safety profiles using multilocking mechanism for maximum security.

4. Increased thermal and sound insulation.

5. Double or triple glass available up to 60mm.

6. Capacity to meet all requirements according to KENAK (Greek Regulation for the Energy Efficiency of Buildings).

7. Extra insulation around the glass pane.

8. Extra insulation between the polyamides.

9. Full recyclable double-extrusion rubber (EPDM-Expanded EPDM) for maximum thermal insulation.

10. Can be combined with ESS 34 Hybrid αand ESS 47 Hybrid systems.




  • Entrance doors.
  • Opening windo ws (tilting or not).
  • Fixed glazing.
  • Composite typologies